Born Darius Winfield D-Win was born and raised on the Westside of Indianapolis, Indiana. He began rapping at the age of fifteen and started performing locally at the age of eighteen. In 2006, he relocated to Chicago to pursue his dream as an artist and to attend college to study Fashion Design at The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. While in school he continued to perform at local college events and parties with his producer at the time Rocket. They formed the rap duo Rocketeers and released the song “Stupid Fresh”, which received enough buzz to gain the attention of MTV and earned them a nomination for an MTVUWoodie Award in 2008 for Best Music on Campus. The following year “Stupid Fresh was featured on MTVU Debt Ski and on episode 3 of popular online show MTV Engine Room

In 2011 D-Win performed at SXSW in Austin, Texas and at the A3C Hip Hop festival in Atlanta, GA as a solo artist.
 On November 11, 2011 D-Win released his first MixTape My Ode To Debonair. The project featured ten tracks and several features from Mickey Mike Monday, Jay Rashad, and Vic Spencer. The mixtape gave voice to the post college grad social scene that is known to be more stylish than fashionable. He released two music videos from the mixtape “Homage” and “I Need A Moment” that gave the fans a visualization of D-Win’s effortless style and fashion knowledge. In 2013, D-Win was one of the final four MC’s in the XXL Magazine Ready or Not Rap Battle. Later that year he collaborated with Mickey Mike Monday for the “More Gold” single. That same year D-Win performed atStudio 10 in New York for The Source Magazine showcase.

Since becoming a solo artist D-win has received several endorsement deals from companies like Good Wood NYC and PRSVR In 2014, D-Win decided to put his fashion background to good use by creating the Project 23 campaign that pays homage to Michael Jordan’s influence on the urban fashion market by hosting several fashion networking events through out the year around Chicago. D-Win released his EP titled Kubrick is inspired by film director Stanley Kubrick’s provocative metaphors he displayed in his films Eyes wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange, and The Shining. The Kubrick EP was support by The XXL Magazine, Vibe Magazine, and The Source Magazine.


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