Episode 1 of D’Essentials features hip hop artist and designer D-Win.  We explore more of D-Win’s passion for style, and an in depth look of his eyewear collection. D-Win speaks on some of the people who inspire him, and why eyewear is a daily essential. In addition to seeing some of his most favored items and some of D-Win signature style items which features: Vintage Chanel, Vintage Versace, Vintage Fendi, Retro Super Future, Oliver Peoples, See Eyewear, Vintage Caviar, Vintage Burberrys, Lanvin x H&M, Wang x H&M, and many more that D-Win has collected and archived over the years. 

Soundtrack by @jalynemon


Styled by D-Win

In the Photo's 

Suede Biker Jacket 

Easy Iron Shirt

Nike Roshe One

Eyewear : 2 Pair of Vintage Caviar , Oliver Peoples Afton, and Vintage Versace 413

In the Video 

Terminator 2 Judgement Day Tee

Air Jordan 1 Retro AJKO Bred